soul collage card hands making

I am so glad you have joined me for a bit of sunshine and color.
You will find a journal-in-process about knitting, photography, travel,
writing, gardening, creativity, and on occasion, food on the blog.
Links to my books and Etsy are on the shop page.

The mosaic below is one way to reflect on a year gone by.

mosaic accomplishments 2011

¬†Join me for a cup of a tea? Hope you’re comfy. And, thanks for stopping in.

Tea cups are in the cupboard

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Jean Rioux

    Lisa, it’s Jean from the back yard at 35 Pine. You sound like you are doing well. How’s your mom doing? I wrote her recently from Culebra, a small island off Puerto Rico but no answer. Hope she is OK. Jean

    “You live hard, Jean”….Anthony Allen, Age 7 wearing those great overalls!


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